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Serranos Coffee can be purchased as whole beans or ground coffee.

To purchase in person please visit the shop at 625 Highway 105 Monument, CO.

To place a mail order please call the Serranos Roasterie at 719-488-9800.


This is a well balanced, medium-to-heavy bodied coffee that produces a wonderfully aromatic, smooth brew.
Costa Rica
The coffees from Tarrazu, one of the highest coffee growing regions in Costa Rica, have a lively, nutty flavor. The medium body makes this a pleasing coffee for many occasions.
Originating from the 17th century Spanish Viceroy’s capitol of Central America, this spicy, clean coffee is surprisingly full bodied and has a nice, smoky aroma.
The best coffees from Mexico are delicate, lighter bodied coffees with a pleasing, clean finish.
Peru This medium roasted coffee is mild and smooth with almost a creamy flavor.


Kenya AA Known as one of the world’s finest coffees, Kenyans feature a classic winey aroma and flavor typical of East African coffees. Serranos selects only those auction lots with enough body to balance the complex flavors of these exceptional coffees.
These fine, washed coffees from Ethiopia’s high country feature a range of clean, fruity or floral aromas and a medium-to-heavy body.
This is a classic Indonesian coffee with heavy body, yet smooth flavor, and a clean finish.
Java Estate Heavy body, nuttier than some other Indonesian coffees

Dark Roasts

Vienna Roast The lightest of our dark roasts, this coffee combines the best of both worlds- slightly heavier than Costa Rica, yet not as smoky and bittersweet as Italian Roast.
Italian Roast This coffee is a favorite complement to after-dinner sweets. Its rich, dark undertones make it the traditional choice for an espresso coffee.
French Roast The darkest of our roasts, this coffee is the classic ultra-dark roast. With its heavy, bittersweet nuances, you can almost see the smoke as you sip this coffee.


House Pleasing to many palates, this medium-roasted blend is a delicious coffee for many occasions.
Mocha / Java Introduced by the Dutch, this heavy, clean and smooth blend has retained its popularity through the centuries.
Peaks A nice, medium-bodied blend, Peaks Coffee appeals to varying tastes.
Carl’s Dramatic and full of flavor, Carl’s Blend is similar to coffees served in Vienna.
Incline Full body, medium and dark roasts blended for an intensely flavored coffee.
Monument Hill This blend of light and dark roasts helps you get up and over ‘The Hill.”
Breakfast For dark roast fans who want more body in their coffee, this dark and heavy blend is a favorite.


All of our decaf coffees are 100% Swiss Water Process.
Colombia Costa Rica Sumatra
House Peaks Carl’s
Vienna Monument Hill Italian Roast